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We offer many different types of treks and tours to suit all ages and abilities. All of the treks listed can be changed, extended or shortened to meet your requirements. Treks can start on any day to suit your needs.

If you would like us to arrange your entire stay in Morocco, including airport transfers, 2 nights staying in one of our best riads in Marrakech before and after your trek, please let us know.

Trekking, hiking and walking in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
  • Walking Treks

    walking in the Atlas Mountain

    Your walking trek through the Atlas Mountains will take you through the lands of the Berbers. The Berbers, (also known as the Amazigh) have a history that predates the arrival of Islam and the Arabs. Walking through the High Atlas is a wonderful way of exploring the area. There are so many villages, waterfalls, rivers, mountains and of course, indigenous people and culture that it could be completely different with every visit.

    The Atlas mountain range separates the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The mountains reach throughout Northwest Africa, extending about 2400km through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The area of the High Atlas that Brahim and Mohamed will take you through has some of the highest mountains and valleys in Africa’s North. Mount Toubkal, at a majestic 4167m above sea level, is the highest of the peaks followed by M’goun, a close second at 4071m.

    Brahim and Mohamed offer a wide range of treks and tours. You can choose one of their popular package treks or you can consult with them to design your own. All of their adventures come with over 20 years experience on their part and an experienced and qualified team, drawn from the local population.

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  • Day Trips From Marrakech

    Day Trip to the Atlas Mountains

    Brahim and Mohamed run day Trips from Marrakech to a number of locations in the Atlas Mountains and Morocco. They will pick you up from your accommodation in the morning and then return you there in the afternoon or the evening.

    A day out in the Moroccan countryside could involve you spending time with the local Berbers in their villages, joining in with their daily activities or their festivals, or it could take you further out into the wild, into the forests and the peaks; the habitats of the Barbary Stag and the Northern Bald Ibis. You will have access to beautifully made Berber cuisine, for example breads, soups and couscous and you will be shown around safely by local, well qualified and experienced guides. A day excursion is a wonderful way to see lives lived out in the ancient landscapes of the Northern African territories.

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  • Mountain Bike Tour

    Biking in the Atlas Mountain

    Brahim and Mohamed’s Mountain Bike tour begins in Marrakech, Morocco’s ‘Ochre City’. It is an ancient walled conurbation and meeting place for traders and you will find it bustling with water sellers, snake charmers and market stalls packed with bargains.

    As you leave the Ochre City, you will find that the tour takes you along single trails and jeep tracks as you pedal through remote Berber villages clinging to the steep sides of the High Atlas Mountains. You can explore the villages, their cuisine and their culture and of course, spend time with the people. You will also be able to take in the epic, ancient scenery that these people have lived in for generations.This trek is a combination of old, wild country and fascinating culture.

    Brahim and Mohamed's guides are all well trained and locally sourced. They know the areas you will visit inside and out and your safety and enjoyment is always paramount in their minds.

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  • 4x4 Tours

    Travelling Morocco by 4x4 will afford you a different travelling experience than on foot, mountain bike, mule or camel. It is possible to cover greater distances in a shorter time scale, but without diminishing the wonders of the Moroccan countryside. The 4x4 trip will take you via mountain views, beautiful valleys, oases of the nomads, desert plateaux, dunes of all sizes, ancient cities, stunning gorges, palmeries, Draa, Chegaga and the epic High Atlas Mountains themselves.

    A one day 4x4 trek is also possible. Contact Brahim and Mohamed for more details.

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  • Camel Treks

    Camel trekking in the Sahara desert

    Camel trekking in Morocco takes you into directly into the heart of the famous Sahara Desert. The recently opened Algerian border means that you can now travel freely in that area, which adds a brand new dimension to the camel trekking experience.

    With Mohamed and Brahim's experienced and trained team, you will see kasbahs, orange sand dunes large and small, oases, distant mountain summits, the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs, the ‘Moroccan Hollywood’ and sunrises and sunsets so beautiful you will never forget them. Of course, you will also spend your time riding camels. They are amazing animals and the natural choice for riding through the arid beauty of the Moroccan desert.

    Remember that it is not just camels that get you around the ancient landscape. 4x4’s and Land Rovers can take you out and around the desert or you can arrange to travel certain areas on foot if you would like to see them more closely. Contact Brahim and Mohamed for more information.

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  • Horse Riding Tours

    Horse riding in Morocco

    The traditional methods of transport in Morocco are still to be found, running in tandem with the technological advances of the modern world. Mules, camels and horses are alive and well as modes of transport and are still perfectly integrated into Berber culture. If you are interested in travelling by traditional methods, then the horse-riding tour offered by Brahim and Mohammed is a wonderful chance to explore Morocco in a very unique way and to catch a glimpse of the Berber way of life.

    Riding a sturdy, statuesque Arabian horse through the High Atlas is an experience that is not widely available. The Arabian horses you will trek with are bred in the North African region and can transport you for long distances with ease. They can trek at altitudes of over 2000m above sea level, and have evolved in the Moroccan landscape. They will take you over high passes, through forests of pine and nut and into the wild beauty of the mountains and the desert, as they have been doing for centuries with the North African people.

    The team you will travel with are well trained local guides who all have your safety and enjoyment paramount on their agenda.

    If you would like to know more, or if you would like to inquire about adding your alterations to a tour or trek, do not hesitate to contact Mohamed and Brahim. They will be more than happy to help and share their knowledge with you.

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  • Ski Tours

    Skiing is not something normally associated with North Africa, but being a nation of surprises, it should come as no surprise that you can. Trekkers on foot or on horses and mules will get a very different experience to the one you will get as a skier, in the depths of a Moroccan winter.

    Descending a mountain such as Toubkal or M’Goun on skis is obviously much quicker and more instantly exhilarating, but you will also get to view the ancient High Atlas from different places and perspectives, not necessarily available to those on foot. The top of North Africa is a very beautiful place.

    All of your guides and team are well-trained and drawn from the local population. Your safety and enjoyment is always at the top of their agenda.

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  • Imperial City Tour

    This trip is an excellent introduction to Morocco’s centuries-old culture in a remarkably short space of time. You’ll visit the country’s three most beautiful imperial cities; ancient strongholds buttressed against the elements with maze-like streets surrounded by towering walls. You’ll see colourful markets, grand mosques, Qoranic schools and ancient palaces. You’ll visit splendid Roman ruins, Morocco’s most important pilgrim city, its capital city and the snow-capped mountains of the High Atlas. The city experience adds another dimension to the ancient wilderness spaces that surround them.

    Your tour of Morocco's imperial cities will be a wonderful mixture of history and culture.

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  • Family Treks in Morocco

    Family adventure in the Atlas Mountains

    Trekking and adventure holidays for families are becoming more popular in Morocco. Mohamed and Brahim are happy to discuss your options for a family trek, whether it is trek difficulty, safety or simply a conversation to give you peace of mind.

    Morocco has many exciting possibilities for inclusion in your family trek. There is the Sahara Desert with its camels and oases, the High Atlas mountain range with their snow-tipped caps and the cities of Marrakech and Fes where you can enjoy Moroccan culture. Perhaps even all 3 together.

    The following suggested itineraries are suitable for families, but feel free to enquire about others. Brahim and Mohamed organize excellent adventure holidays for families with children aged 8 years and older. Just let them know how many days you have in Morocco and what kind of trek you would like to do and they will do the rest.

    • Atlas Mountains: Toubkal Massif with its Berbere villages and waterfalls.
    • Sahara Desert: Erg Chebbi and Erg Cheggaga.
    • Atlantic Coast: Essaouira

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  • Winter Toubkal Treks

    Mt Toubkal Winter Climb

    Winter is the best time to trek in Morocco. The mountains are snow covered, the valleys look beautiful and the atmosphere is wild and ancient. Brahim and Mohamed specialise in organising and running winter treks, leading you and your group through high mountain passes, at altitudes of thousands of feet and guiding you through deep forests and villages full of Berber people and culture.

    For you to trek in the winter, you must be experienced, prepared and fit. The treks will involve the use of mountaineering skills at altitude and include the use of equipment such as crampons and ice axes. You must be confident in your abilities if you wish to trek at this time of year. If you are in any doubt, contact Mohamed and Brahim for more information.

    Brahim and Mohamed can guide you up all of the peaks over 4000m in the Toubkal National Park, including Ouankrim, Tazaghart, Tizi Melloul and of course, Mount Toubkal itself. An adventure like this can be designed to fit over an 7-day period or just as a 2 or 3-day stint.

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  • Summer Treks

    Summer Trek in Morocco

    Summer is the best time to trek over the high passes and peaks in Morocco including Mount Toubkal 4167m with the surrounded peaks , AND M'goun peak 4080m .

    From June to October snow melts from the high point and the weather is cooler all these allow us to trek higher and camp outside.

    Trekking in Morocco organize summer treks that takes you to discover the Atlas Mountain and its Isolated villages that can be accessible just during summer moths.

    during these trek we we stay in tents,local houses.

    For more informations don't hesitate to contact Mohamed and Brahim .

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  • Luxury Trip in Atlas Mountain & Marrakech

    Atlas Mountain Treks

    It's package that takes you for about 8 days around the best part of the Atlas Mountain, with its stunning views & Berber villages and valleys . You will be staying in the best Riads / Hotels and Guest houses that are owned by local people in the villages , that has private facilities but with local architecture. It is suitable for individuals and Families with children. This includs staying in one of the best Riads in Marrakech

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