Day Excursion to Ouirgan Valley

This trek allows you to explore the wilderness of Morocco without committing to an extended stay. A day out in the Moroccan countryside will let you keep the comfort of the city, while you still get to experience some of the country's wilder elements.

You will get to see the views, the animals, the forests, the countryside and the culture whilst under the professional guidance of your trained and experienced team. The Berber people are friendly and welcoming by nature and they will be more than happy to spend some time with you as you explore their lands and their villages.

Ouirgan is not far from Marrakech and you will get there by road. Your transport is included in the cost.

Should you wish to make any alterations to your adventure then do not hesitate to contact Brahim and Mohamed to discuss your options.

All treks are led and supervised by qualified and experienced guides and mule handlers, drawn from the local populace.


To get to Ouirgan, you and your guides will head out from the south of Marrakech. If it is a Tuesday or a Saturday, then you can visit the souk (market) at Tahnaout or Asni. Your guides will be more than happy to take you and show you around.

Once you get to Ouirgan Village, you will travel around the vast ancient forest of Ouirgan, passing many other Berber villages and abodes. Some of the trees in the forests of North Africa can grow up to 55 meters in height. You may find examples of the Atlas Cedar, the Algerian Oak or the Black European Pine.

There are also many different types of local fauna and, if you are lucky you may get to see some of the rarer creatures that live in this region. For example, you may come across creatures such as the endangered Barbary Macacque, Barbary Stag (extinct until it was reintroduced in the 90’s), the Atlas Mountain Badger, Cuvier’s Gazelle or the Northern Bald Ibis.

The walk has plenty of lovely views along the way, particularly over Youkoub Elmansour.

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