Family Berber Village Trek

During this trek you will live for 5 days with local people, see their daily life and, of course, spend nights in their welcoming houses. Experience the beauty of Berber villages and valleys of the Atlas Mountains in the Toubkal region with varied and picturesque scenery, lofty passes, non-technical peaks and the guarantee of a cheerful welcome from the Berber people.

You will find on your adventure that the Berbers (also known as the Amazigh) predate the arrival of the Arabs and Islam. Berber cuisine is very healthy and features many different breads, soups and dishes that include a lot of barley and couscous. Their food has developed, along with their culture in the Atlas Mountains that they live in. It is therefore well suited to long journeys, treks and adventures in the Toubkal National Park and many Berbers live well into their 90’s.

The typical Berber home is made from pise, a combination of stone and mud, that has served them and their mountain lives well over the centuries. The Berbers often have large families in their dwelling places. You will see many different examples of this method of building houses on your travels.

A Berber marriage can last for up to 7 days and those who are getting married invite all of the villagers for miles around. There are many colonial influences in Berber culture, particularly in their language. You can find French, Spanish and English words every day usage.


Day One: Marrakech

On your first day, you will arrive at Marrakech airport and transfer to your hotel.

Day Two: Marrakech - Toubkal - Amssakrou

You will be heading to Toubkal and meeting your mules today. You will then be heading to the Amssakrou River, before bivouacking at 1500m. The entire day will involve around 3 hours of walking.

Day Three and Day Four: Amssakrou - Imnan Vallley - Ikis - Tameguiste - Tachdirt

Days 3 and 4 will be spent heading along the Imnan Valley and exploring the villages of Amssakrou, Ikis, Tameguiste and Tachdirt. You will meet the friendly inhabitants and start to see how the Berbers live their lives.

Day Five: Tachdirt - Tamaterte Pass - Imlil Valley - Aremd

Day 5 will see you crossing the Tamaterte Pass at 2279m before heading into the Imlil Valley (1750m) before spending the night in the village of Aremd, in a local guest house at 1950m. In total, it should involve around 5 hours of walking.

Day Six: Aremd - Tizi Mzzik - Assif N’Azadene

Today’s journey will have some beautiful views. After heading along a mule path, you will join the Tizi Mzik at about 2490m and catch a glimpse of the snow-covered Tazarat Plateau and its villages with hanging terrace gardens set into the hillsides. After 4 hours travelling, the day will be spent in the valley of Assif N’Azadene.

Day Seven: Assif N’Azadene - Imi Oughlad - Marrakech

You will head along a small pass that takes you to the village of Imi Oughlade, unfortunately leaving behind the Azzadene Valley, one of the most beautiful spaces in the High Atlas. Upon arrival in Imi Oughlade, you will find private vehicles for you and your party, that will then take you all of the way to Marrakech.

Day Eight:

Transfer to the airport and departure.

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  • Suzi

    visited on 10th June 2107

    Toudaoui Brahim & Mohamed Atlas mountain tours nailed it for us. We were two women and two 10 yr old children. We went on a three day 2 night trek. Next time we would do 3 nights 4 days (as they actually recommended). The guide was Dris, the cook was Hassim and the muleteer Brahmin (sorry guys if I've spelt your names wrong). They made the experience from start to finish; they were professional, informative and totally committed to making our time work. This meant brilliant food, great local knowledge and insights, humour, patience. They were fantastic with the kids, funny and kind. It was tough the first day as unusually for the time of year it hailed, rained and snowed for the first day. We were walking for many hours (our choice) and it could have been pretty grim but they kept our spirits and speed up and we made it to the gite. They organised huge numbers of blankets, cooked great food and were flexible about the plans for the next days. The mountains were beautiful, the villages were fascinatinmg, the people were very friendly, but what made the trek were Dris, Hassim and Brahmin. I would totally recommend them and this amazing area