Discover Djebel Sirwa

This trek takes you to the Anti-Atlas, technically another mountain range, which you can access through the High Atlas. The object of the trek is to ascend the Djebel Sirwa, a beautiful peak surrounded by striking villages, the sheep pens of Irhiri and the stunning views that come with any trip into the Moroccan wilderness.

During your adventure, you will receive a traditional Berber reception, at the home of your mule handler and you'll then get to spend the evening and night in his village. During that time, you can enjoy the company of the friendly Berber people, taste their food and experience their culture. You may even get the chance to try their saffron tea. Saffron has a rich history and at one time was even more expensive to buy, pound for pound, than gold.

Your trek will take you across plateaux, through villages and past mountains on your way to the top of Djebel Sirwa.

Your guides and mule team are highly trained and qualified. If you have any questions, or you would like to make alterations to your trek, please do not hesitate to contact Mohamed and Brahim.


Day One: Marrakech

The first day will be your arrival at Marrakech (or Ouarzazate.) and reception at the airport. You and your party can then stay at your respective hotels.

Day Two: Marrakech - Tamalakout

In the morning, you'll depart for the southern slopes of the Atlas mountains, arriving in the village of Tamalakout, which is about a 4-hour drive, for a traditional reception at your Berber mule handler's home in Tamalakout (1650m). The rest of the afternoon and evening can be spent enjoying the culture and company of the local people.

Day Three: Tamalakout - Sirwa - Ait Tigga

After loading the mules, you'll leave Tamalakout and head up to the desert plateaux, striking out for Sirwa. After reaching the mountain, you and your party will bivouac near the village of Ait Tigga. The day should take around 5 hours of walking to complete.

Day Four: Ait Tigga - Idoughagh - Aït Ighmour - Tachanct Pass - Tisfeldalt

On the 4th day, you'll be visiting the villages of Idoughagh, Aït Ighmour and Ait Tigga. There is an ancient, 900 year-old agadir or granary to visit when you arrive in Ait Tigga. From there, you will head up to the Tachanct Pass at 2500m before heading to the foot of Tisfedalt, with its azibs or sheep pens. After a 6 and a half hour day of travelling, you'll bivouac near to Sirwa for the night.

Day Five: Tisfeldalt - Sirwa - Tikniwine - Irhiri

You and your guides will head out early to reach the Sirwa summit. There may be some scrambling to be done as you cross the southern slope. When you have reached the peak, you'll then head down to 'the twins' or Tikniwine to pass the sheep pens of Irhiri at 2300m. The entire day should take around 6 and a half hours.

Day Six: Irhiri - Tazoult - Msitalla - Tamazikht

You'll start trekking in an easterly direction, along the Tazoult and across the Assif of Irhiri to reach the foot of Msitalla. After just over 6 hours of walking, you'll reach your bivouac on the outskirts of Tamazikht village at 1730m.

Day Seven: Marrakech/Quarzazate

You'll return to your starting point, either Marrakech or Quarzazarte in the afternoon.

Day Eight:

Your last day is yours to rest and explore.

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